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The level to becoming a Combat Base affiliate has been set high by ourselves and the level of the other affiliates for a good reason. We want to help you grow your group but you must support us in keeping high standards but not everyone will be able to meet the level we require or be able to maintain the level of involvement necessary



We have been let down by some in the past that we maybe let in too soon so we need to weed out these people. If you truly want to join Combat Base then it is to be an ongoing process, not just join and get the benefits without applying yourself.



I see too many ‘legit’ instructors selling belts and compromising their credentials to make money from people who are looking for a quick belt and success by association. We will never be that group. If that is what you want, we are not for you.



All questions I have been asked previously regarding affiliating to Combat Base so thought I would publish them so people know exactly what we are about. This is a work in progress and will continue to be updated as and when other issues are raised.















I have my own club and want to affiliate, what next?




Drop me a message or give me a call to discuss your requirements then you will need to have us or a Combat Base representative over for a seminar at your own gym. Please email for costs. This is so we can view the training environment to get a vibe of the group and make sure that we are consistent when it comes to training methodology. It will also include a discussion with the instructor wanting to affiliate to determine what they are looking for from the affiliation.



 After the initial visit and after acceptance into the probationary period, if we are satisfied,  the new ‘affiliate instructor’ would then be required to follow the directions below before being fully accepted into the group:



    Must have a Combat Base approved sponsor; a senior grade that is willing to work with your group in the long term and mentor you in all aspects of your Jiu Jitsu.



    Must train with your sponsor no less than once every 3 months.



    Must attend Team Training Days.



    Understand that there is a 12 month probationary period before being accepted as a Combat Base affiliate. If you do not meet the certain criteria then you will no longer be considered to affiliate.



    Until you are a full affiliate, you must not use the Combat Base logos; you may advertise that you are a probationary affiliate with us and use Combat Base name to illustrate this but no logos. This may seem harsh but I have had to clamp down on people using our logos because “they look cool” and can only be used with my permission. 





Please note that Combat Base is copyrighted, you can not use the name without my express permission.



Note that a Combat Base approved gym/academy is a place where a Combat Base recognised instructor is resident and teaching Jiu Jitsu.

For your own development you should really try to train with the Combat Base instructors any time you can. Any of the Combat Base instructors will be happy for you to train with them. I would recommend that you have any CB coaches over at your gym whenever you can so your students can benefit from them too.



The main thing is, you should train at one of our gyms regularly and represent us as well as yourselves.





I don't have a BJJ program yet at my gym but want to introduce one, is that a problem?



No, we can actually assist you in setting up a programme and may be able to help install one of our coaches as a sponsor to work with you depending on location. See point 1 above.





How much does it cost to affiliate?



It doesn’t cost anything directly, it is not like a franchise where you have to pay to use logos and names. When we are happy with you and your group, when you have completed the list above, when you have been accepted as a full affiliate and you are integrated into our family then consider yourself affiliated.












So what does Combat Base get out of it?




All I want for Combat Base is a little acknowledgement, some support and for everyone to be inclusive.



The acknowledgement is just whenever you enter a grappling tourney whether it is BJJ, no gi, multi-style or whatever; you enter as Combat Base UK .



For MMA or any other style of martial arts just use your own gym name as Combat Base is only for BJJ unless you specifically want to use the name.



As for support, I strive to organise team training days, seminars, inter club competitions etc and need support to make this feasible. I know this will take a little promoting to your students but I think it is a small price to pay and will be well worth it.



The inclusion part is simple, communicate wherever possible with all the other coaches, let us know what you are organising whatever it may be. I know I have limited time so can’t always attend but by having communications with the other coaches you will have more possibilities to attend various things and invite other people to your things, it’s better for everyone all round.



I just ask that I am kept in the loop so I know what is happening.



We have Combat Base UK group on Facebook too that is strictly for our group, if you want to communicate to most people at once, use this resource.



To show your affiliation I would ask that everyone wears a Combat Base patch on the back of their gi, the patches are relatively inexpensive and are a nice touch to show your loyalty to your team. By all means have your own gym patch on there too.



A logo in your gym and the logo and link to our web site on your web site would be appreciated too.










What do I have to do to get a [coloured] belt?




Train hard, train smart and train as much as you can.



If you just concentrate on training the belts will follow but more importantly your performance and understanding of Jiu Jitsu will drastically improve.



At the moment Combat Base employs a ‘traditional’ grading system i.e. you train your butt off for years then someone just throws a belt at you and hence, you are promoted.



We have interclub competitions and regularly attend open competitions so winning a comp or 2 can assist in you getting graded but not a requirement.



Finally, to grade in BJJ at Combat Base you must train in the gi.




How much is a grading?



Gradings are free as they are continual assessment and not a set exam as with a lot of other martial arts. The coach will promote you when they ‘feel’ you are ready. Please note that there is no set time when receiving belts, promotions are about performance not time served.












I have grades in another type of martial arts, does that count?




No, it doesn’t count in BJJ, grades from other martial arts are not transferrable; everyone starts at white belt regardless of what you have done previously. If you are a Judo black belt, for example, you may have a lot of grappling experience then it might not take that long to get the first belt but everyone starts at white.













I have a grade in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu from a different club, does that count?




If you are transferring from another club/association for whatever reason then the grades you have been awarded will be recognised by Combat Base if they are from a reputable, verifiable source.

The grades will be checked, most have been accepted even if not to our standard.



From that point, any other grade will have to be awarded by Combat Base and from no other source.





I train at a few different gyms, what about belts from different places?



My rule of thumb is: If you train at a Combat Base gym and at another unaffiliated gym, Team X, for arguments sake then the following will apply:



1. If you train with us and also at Team X and you receive a blue belt from them then you will not usually be graded after that by Combat Base unless you stop training there and train with us predominantly.



2. If you are promoted to blue belt by Combat Base then get purple belt from Team X you will not usually be graded after that by Combat Base unless you stop training there and train with us predominantly.



3. If you are promoted to purple belt by Combat Base then get brown belt from Team X you will not usually be graded after that by Combat Base unless you stop training there and train with us predominantly.



4. If you have been promoted from blue through purple to brown with Combat Base, I hope loyalty prevails when the possibility of black belt arises.



I really want to discourage people from jumping from club to club chasing grades and completely missing the point.



Note: you can train at other gyms and be graded by other groups and still train with us, you just won’t be eligible for promotions from Combat Base.



There will always be exceptions too, if you think you may fall into this group, speak to me.





Are there any requirements to teach/coach?



Yes, as an absolute minimum standard you must be an experienced purple belt and have express permission from the Combat Base black belts to teach and to be training regularly with the senior grades. You must have adequate and relevant insurance. The UKBJJA make it very easy to get member to member insurance, once you are accepted as a full Combat Base affiliate you can join through us.

Competitive experience would be preferred but not essential but I believe everyone should try competition of some sort at some point in order for you to be able to fully teach that aspect of it. Not just the physical side of it either but how can you assist someone with making weight, strength & conditioning and mental preparation if you have never physically done it yourself. I strongly believe this.

All the current coaches have competed in a variety of formats.




You will also have to train with a Combat Base gym regularly to improve your own performance level and to achieve a better understanding of the art itself to improve your teaching skills.


As I mentioned above UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES MUST ANYONE BUT A BRAZILIAN JIU JITSU BLACK BELT WEAR THE BLACK BELT WITH THE RED OR WHITE SLEEVE. You may be a black belt in Judo, Japanese Jiu Jitsu or a derivative, whatever and may even teach these styles as well as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu but you do not wear a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt. No exceptions.




It could be considered that you are trying to give the illusion of being a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt especially if you wear a Brazilian style kimono. If you do teach another style of gi grappling, you must wear the uniform and belt that is pertinent to that style, no one except a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt will be allowed to wear the belt with the sleeve because, as far as I am aware in other grappling styles, this is unique to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

I can't allow for any reputational damage, reputations take a long time to build but can be destroyed instantly.



Anything else I need to know?

Yes, something vitally important. You will be joining Combat Base to benefit from the BJJ programme; we are not an association or governing body or anything like that so ultimately you are responsible for your own actions.



If you are the instructor(s) who is enquiring about affiliating then I assume you will always act professionally as the responsibility for the everyday running of your club is solely down to YOU.



So ensure that you have:



* Professional indemnity insurance



* Member to member insurance preferable.



* Fully completed and signed application for membership forms that includes any medical conditions and history



* First Aider qualification



* A health, safety and welfare policy



* Regular risk assessments of the training area



Believe me; if anything happens in your club and the whole ‘no win, no fee’ mentality kicks in then you will be more than happy that you had made the effort. There can be no excuses for not having the above list as a minimum standard.



Any of these things I can advise you on but the buck stops with YOU.

I do not and no other representative of Combat Base accept responsibility for YOUR own actions.




Still interested? 

Contact Darren on 07886 248624 or for more information, to answer specific questions or to schedule a seminar.