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The UKBJJA is accepting club and individual membership applications and is looking to roll out membership opportunities to anyone who trains within a recognised club/group.
I have registered Combat Base already if you want to join under that  otherwise the individual instructor has to register their own club. Club membership includes public and products liability insurance for your club.
To apply for club membership please complete the following 
For you personally, you get member to member insurance at a very reasonable price, follow the link and complete the online form
Individual membership costs £15 per annum and includes member to member liability insurance for the individual. To become an individual member your club must first be a UKBJJA member club.
For any queries concerning membership, please complete the contact form.
Details of the insurance policy can be found here:

The UKBJJA are now able to offer Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks (previously CRB checks). 

Why is there even a need for a UK BJJ Association?


To try to help preserve the integrity of BJJ in the UK that a lot of us older guys helped to pioneer.

To try and avoid a lot of the pitfalls that have been encountered in some other countries, Germany especially, where a less than honourable group have been set up, got IBJJF recognition and now pretty much own BJJ in their country forcing everyone to join an association just so they can compete and be recognised.

Add to this the recent abomination of the IIBJJF, not a typo but the Irish International BJJ Federation that now has an official base in the UK. Anothger group who just want to do what they want for no particular reason other than power and money, to the detriment of real BJJ practitioners.

Other benefits to the UK community will be recognition from Sport England, this opens the doors to all sorts of possibilities but it needs support from all of us.

The UKBJJA is a non-profit organisation and any surplus funds are to be reserved for investment for development of the sport. The objectives of the UKBJJA are:


1) To preserve and protect the integrity of BJJ as a performance based martial art


2) To promote BJJ and encourage wider participation in all areas of the sport


3) To provide a framework for national recognition of the sport


4) To preserve the integrity of the ranking system


5) To provide a framework for competitions and individual schools to follow to ensure minimum standards of safety and good practice


6) To represent all clubs and members in a democratic and transparent manner

Check out for more details.

Anyone got concerns about any of this and want to contact me, see the Contact Us page.