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October, 2014
The Meaning Behind The Combat Base Logo
I was reading a post about someone designing a logo for a BJJ group and I'm not sure I ever explained fully how I came about designing our most coolest of logos.

First thing I wanted to avoid was the triangle, a much used symbol in BJJ, I had a theory about it being a pyramid rather than a triangle as in 'pyramid scheme' but that's for another day.

I wanted a logo that would mean something, if we are going to do this, we are going to do it right.

It started with the skull and crossbones which is a cool looking symbol in itself but my skull and crossbones is not pirate related although one of my ancestors was a privateer.
It starts with the Templar Knights who were often used to transport important people safely on a long journey.

Relate this to BJJ, we want to help you on your long journey, help you avoid the bandits and pitfalls along the way.

Although the origin of the skull and crossbones in Templar history is pretty sick but basically a Templar Knight, a Lord Of Sidon, was ordered to return to his wife's grave at a certain time.

"at the appointed time he opened the grave again and found a head on the leg bones of the skeleton (skull and crossbones). The same voice bade him ‘guard it well, for it would be the giver of all good things’ and so he carried it away with him. It became his protecting genius and he was able to defeat his enemies by merely showing them the magic head"

I have tried to defeat people in competition just by showing them the logo but they still tried to rip my arms off but then again I'm no Templar.

I like to think that our group is 'the giver of good things' though.

I then added the Ace Of Spades. This is a direct reference to Chris Haueter who had an
Ace Of Spades patch on the sleeve of his gi when I first met him. This was his iconic gi that served as the template for the first Lucky Gi but that is another story in itself.

You can see this evidenced by the Ace Of Spades embroidery of the Lucky Gi sleeve.

I, of course, added our team name above it then added the 'Technical Laboratories' below it as another direct reference to Haueter, this was a phrase he always used and always inspired me to go the 'laboratory' to experiment with my own jiu jitsu.

So there you go, more history of Combat Base.

Hope you liked it.

Lord Darren Of Pomfret and Protecting Genius
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